Ongi Etorri! It's time to BASQUE IT UP.

Join me as we go on a tour of the Basque Country, starting in Navarra (Nafarroan).

This is the first day of a 6-day intensive tour around the region where I will be your tour guide as you learn not only about

Nafarroa, but you'll be building your vocabulary in this virtual tour.

The name of the whole course is Sustraiak, Roots. I decided to begin our tour in Navarra (Nafarroan) because this is where both my parents are from.

I've got an intense vocabulary list with over 20+ words ready for you along with audio or video to help you with

pronunciation. Yup, it's a lot for one day, but I got ya. There's no pressure if the tour takes a bit longer than one day.

I'm ready to go and waiting for you to join me.

Prest? Ready?

Course Curriculum

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  Nafarroa | Navarra
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Basque It Up: Nafarroa

Dabble in Basque as you go on story tour of Navarra (Nafarroa)

This lesson is part of an Intensive 6-day tour around Navarra (Nafarroa) where you will be learning vocabulary as I take you on a tour of the region.

Prest? Ready?

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