Welcome to your 6-day Basque It Up Course.
Oso pozik nago zu hemen zaudelako. (I'm really happy because you're here.)

My goal for Basque in Languages is to help Immigrants/ExPats, Basques or Language Lovers like you receive an authentic experience about the entire Basque Country. 

I want you to be excited and motivated to start this new journey. For me, it's not just the language and conjugation tables that I'll show you, but also my culture, our customs and the different traditions of each historical province.

I'll share with you the way the locals pronounce certain words versus how you'll learn them when learning the unified Basque language (Batua). I'll also help you with the words we use in our everyday lives depending on the area you live in.  

This is the first course in the Basque It Up Series. You and I will be covering Navarra (Nafarroa) in this course.

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what you get in the Basque It Up Course

Basque It Up: Nafarroa, Sustraiak

Here is a quick peak at what's inside the course:

  • Vocabulary sheets
  • A place to take notes, which includes a Basque proverb.
  • Videos to help with pronunciation
  • Audio for on the go listening
  • You can print off the worksheets or use them on your favorite digital tool.
  • Access to all of this on the Teachable App.

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